SPA Girls Podcast – EP 41 – Content For Your Facebook Page

towelThis week’s episode talks about what to post on your Author Facebook page to keep fans engaged and coming back for more!  We’ve all experimented with different kinds of posts – from thoughtful quotes through to “let it all hang out” videos, and have been surprised at what’s worked best!  Facebook can be an author’s friend, but it’s also a beast that needs constant feeding.  Hopefully you’ll get some “feeding tips” from us this week!

Facebook is a great platform to reach romance readers female 25 plus, while other genres may benefit from other platforms. The key to a great fan page is to post content that genuinely interests them. You need likes and comments on a post from your fans, then FB will continue to send those people your content.

Firstly, you will need to add an Author page which is connected to your personal profile. You can’t run a business through your profile. Your author page will allow you to run insights into who your fans are and what they like or respond to most on your page.

Decide early on what you will you share on a personal front. Children and home life? Do you want people to know everything about you? What is your comfort level, bearing in mind that people do like to see behind the scenes?

Use your branding and make sure your posts are appropriate and relevant. Know your audience.

Things to note:

Facebook is a social medium and at the moment they want to keep it that way.

Things are changing all the time. You need to keep current on what you can and can’t do here.

This is the place to raise engagement and get your people interacting with you regularly.

Remember that this page, if you decide to make it public, (and you probably should) will be available to everyone.

300 likes doesn’t mean that all your friends will see what you post – frustratingly it’s often it’s only 10% of them.

Content marketing means offering other content to get your people interested in you as a person. If you do it properly you will gain the trust of your people.

Build a community. People do not go onto Facebook to buy things.

1 in 20 posts will draw people in, if you have engaged with them prior.

Lunch time is a good time to post. Factor times from around the world.

Keep content slightly different for other platforms.

You can pay for ads, and pay to boost your posts, but organic is a good way and you will incur no costs except time.

Things to do

Make sure you post frequently so that you keep your people’s interest.

Post a variety of content.

Be consistent.

React to a comment and try to engage to encourage other content

Facebook allows fans and readers far closer to an author, which is a blessing and a curse. An element of fans spoil things and push the boundaries. Be tough and block anyone who is disrespectful and/or abusive.

Find other groups – join and then share posts

FB is the 3 or 4 country in the world. Be mindful that your audience is global. Jargon and content should suit the majority.

Share other people’s relevant posts. (If it fits and is similar to what you post)

Hashtags can be used but don’t go crazy. #Free is good. Not as key as it is on twitter. You can search for people and things without a hashtag.

Scheduling functions – Pre schedule your posts to save time. A month is a good way to do this. Around your book launch you will be busy, so prior to the date pre schedule posts for this. Have a folder of pictures and posts ready.

End every post with a question.


Don’t post a ton of ads to buy your book

No politics or religion – take care, unless it is part of your brand or you are willing to lose half of your audience.

No pity parties – be human but most people want you to lighten up their day. Although an occasional story of a bad moment will certainly reach people who can relate to it.


What to Post

What’s new in your world – latest release/an award you’ve won/getting married/having a child/moving

A cool quote or a picture

Behind the scenes pictures. Your location – café/office/selfies. Ask for one of your fan.

Linking to useful tutorial – u-tube videos etc. (recipes/outfits/hair/furniture)


Books on sale or you really like in the same genre

Interesting setting facts – Historical/Circus/Romance

Contest giveaways – A free book. (Google conditions as you should use a disclaimer – it is you and not FB running the contest.)

Ask people to Comment or Share on your page for a prize.

What can I post to encourage engagement?

Fill in the blank – What would I do if I won a million dollars?

Videos of animals

Cute photos


Recipes and crafting – if that fits with what you write.

Ask questions or advice

What name should I give my character?

What should my character wear?

What is a great restaurant/hotel to take my couple?

What should my character’s occupation be?

Where are you from?

What music should I use?

This or that – Should I do this to my hero, or that etc (the possibilities are endless for this one)

Do you like a sexy heroine versus the girl next door?

Beard versus no beard?

PC v Mac?

Who is most like my hero? (give 2 options)

What would you like to ask me? (be brave – not silly) You could do this on a video.

What’s on your bookshelf? Variety or one genre?

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

Do you have a photo of yourself reading one of my books? (holding up the kindle with the cover showing.

A contest for adding the name of your fan in your next book. Name, personality etc. is a huge prize and one that should reap many comments.

Build a hero/heroine. (give options that you could write about)

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