SPA Girls Podcast – EP101 – Interview with Katie Cross

This week we talk to fantasy and young adult author Katie Cross about being a military wife, learning to be a nap-time authorpreneur, and making every moment count. She also gives us some amazing productivity tips for authors who are trying to squeeze their writing career into already busy lives. Katie impressed us right from the start of the interview when she talked about having done some writing before we got on the call. My paraphrasing summary of her words: “It was a choice between going on Facebook for ten minutes, or doing some writing. I decided to do some writing, and managed to get almost a thousand words done in that time.”

It’s always good to be reminded of the things that we can achieve if we pay a little more attention to what we’re doing, and how we choose to spend our time!

It’s a great interview, Katie is hilarious, and we loved chatting to her. (And we’re totally impressed by everything she’s able to achieve in her day!)


About Katie: “This is really pretty easy. I love cookies. I have a toddler and two vizslas. I live in the mountains of Colorado and am definitely a Bigfoot believer. I’m an extrovert and a conversation-obsesser and dessert snob.

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