SPA Girls Podcast – EP53 – How to Do a Successful Book Launch

towelThis week we’re all back! The SPA Girls are reunited again, and we’re on fire with more useful and relevant information for you as a self-published author. We talk about launching your latest book into the marketplace, and the do’s and don’ts, plus tips and tricks that you might want to try out when you’re publishing your novel to get some of those golden sales…

From when to put the books up, what to price them at, what kind of advertising to do, and when to use your social media and your mailing list, we cover it all in this episode for you. Just listen and take loads of notes! 🙂

Your launch strategy will depend on if this is your first book or say your tenth.

Things to consider

-What are your goals and plan for launching your book?

If it’s your first book, chances are you want to concentrate on discoverability more so than money made at this stage.

-If you are looking at discoverability you may want to price the book cheaper as opposed to if you wanted to make money, you would price it higher.

-Start focusing on your email newsletter from day one and building your platform for launching books. This can be done through your blog (if you have one), twitter, YouTube, FB, or whatever social media platform you work with.

-Blog tours are also an option, but you would need book, cover etc, ready well before hand. Again do your due diligence and find out the good sights to use.

-Where are you selling it too? If you are exclusive to Amazon, then you can choose to put your book in Kindle Unlimited (page reads). Or are you going wide on all platforms.

People launch in different ways, you need to work out what is best for you.

-Watch your landscape, things change on platforms like Amazon, and KU. Do your due diligence before you publish.

-Make sure you set up a detailed spreadsheet for your launch, so you can see what works for your book, or doesn’t, for next time.

-Remember that Amazon and the other platforms will not publish your book immediately. Put the book up several days before so it is available on your launch day.

Be realistic about your expectations when you are just starting out! 

Spa Girls launch tips x 1

-Cover out early on social media platforms

-Excerpts and dates for release

-Pre-order up

-Email newsletter subscribers to tell them it’s coming

-Post FB graphics

-Get people talking about the title and the book

-Advanced reader copies out early

-Email newsletter on the day

-Start advertising approx. 3-4 weeks after release date

Spa Girls launch tips x 2

-Before hand email lists with covers and excerpts etc to say the book is coming.

-Email out to secret list of VIP readers, offer them the book for a review before release.

-Publish book on Friday and email VIP’s asking them to load a review.

-Monday is official launch day- send out an email to email newsletter subscribers stating the book is available at a lower price.

-Reduce book price on launch day

-Thursday, send email again with details of books, and that they don’t want to miss out on the special priced deal.

-Book advertising as soon as you have ASIN from Amazon, and start book stacking. (booking ads one after the other on consecutive days of release and after).

-Approach other authors in your genre about email newsletter swaps. They promote you book, and you promote theirs.

-Email Amazon to put your book into different categories that you couldn’t chose from when the book was originally loaded.


The bestseller lists are counted from Sunday to Sunday or Monday to Monday.

Enjoy your launch day! Take time out to acknowledge what you have done!





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