SPA Girls Podcast – EP55 – Launching a Non-Fiction Book

facemaskThis week we talk about the launch of a project dear to our hearts – our new non-fiction book about author overwhelm.

We’ve been working on this project for a while, and we’re really excited about bringing it to you. It’s something we’ve all experienced, and we don’t think people talk about it enough, so we’ve decided to put it out there in book form!

This episode we talk about the book, what it involves, and what we’re going to do over the next three months before the launch to try and make it a success.

One of the big aspects to this launch process is the expansion of our mailing list. We made a goal of getting 1,000 people onto our mailing list by end of February 2017, and we brainstorm some of the techniques we’re planning to use to get our numbers up.

Join us on the journey, and go sign up to our mailing list!

The SPA girls have written a book on Author Overwhelm. No really…we did it together and there was actually no blood shed!

It’s about understanding the struggles and pressure that authors face. The different ways we feel overwhelmed. Everyone has issues, even if you are just starting out in his industry or you have 3 million books published.

The SPA Girls each face different struggles, just as you do, and we hope that in this book we can address some of the issues you are facing.

We’d really appreciate it if you would contact us with your author overwhelm issues. Let us know if you dealt with them, if the issues are still there for you. Tell us your stories, so we can understand more about the challenges you are facing.

Things like-

-Peer pressure

-Finding the time to write

-Holding down a day job and establishing your writing career

We are planning to publish the book in February 2017, and in the months between we are focusing on building up our email newsletter. We are brainstorming with you in this podcast, to work out how we are going to achieve 1,000 sign ups before then.

Breaking down the goal is 1,000 subscribers. 83 sign ups per week.

Because Trudi HAS to have a to do list, the rest of us do also (sigh) She needs a goal to aim for (an end point). So we will have a combined calendar so we know what each other are doing.

How to get those names on your list-

-Get the first 100 people on your newsletter sign up from friends and family. These are your cheer leaders! You will ask for their email and personally subscribe them to the list. (ask permission first)

-Upside down home page. (first fold of website, is devoted solely to signups for the newsletter-subscbribe now. You have no other information there; it will be below.

-Poster boy technique. If you have signed up for a course or read something, and enjoyed. You email them and say thanks. You then ask them to come on to your podcast to talk. (cross promo). Each of the SPA Girls will be contacting someone who has influenced them, and telling them thanks, and see what reply they get back.

-Content upgrades on blog posts. Write an informative blog post, and then add on the end that you give us your email address, you can have a check list to down load.

-The SPA Girls will be blogging. More work, but hey, we like to waffle on, with the occasional pearl of wisdom in there.

-We will set up an alert on Google Alerts, so anyone is discussing Author Overwhelm we will know, and can participate in the discussion.

We want to engage people with out book, blog, podcasts etc. Our email newsletters will be the same. We don’t want you to delete us when you see us in your in box!!

Please comment on our FB page if you have anything to ad to our Author Overwhelm book, or this podcast, as we would love to hear from you.


Brian Harris – video fruit (email newsletter signups)

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