SPA Girls Podcast – EP57 – Dealing With Distractions At Christmas

towelThis week Wendy, Cher and Trudi talk about dealing with unavoidable distractions, and how to maintain a writing schedule even when things get busy.

With Christmas coming up we thought we’d talk about how we personally keep going when it seems that everything in the world is out to stop you writing the next book.

It’s a great reminder that we’re all different and we all deal with distractions and problems in our lives differently. However you deal with them, as long as you’re still progressing forward, it’s okay. 🙂

Staying Motivated In The Silly Season

How can you stay focus with the distractions this time of year will throw at you? Here are a few tips from the SPA Girls to help you through.

-Don’t take negative feedback personally. You are your own boss, so cut yourself a break!

-Negative feeling can spiral out of control, so haul them in if you feel them creeping up on them.

-Do what is right for you! Don’t do what others tell you too.

-Try and put aside some time to focus on your writing when your life gets busy. Just a small amount that will keep you on track, otherwise, it will seem an even bigger hurdle when you do find the time again to sit down at your computer

-Find your rhythm. Maybe it’s not writing every day, or maybe it is. Do what works for you. But you’ll feel better if you do something!

-Don’t fall into comparisonitis!! Remember your goals are different to other peoples.

-Write it down! The silly season is crazy, and we can forget to do things. If you write the words down, like TODAY I’M WRITING 500 WORDS, then when you open your diary and see it, that will help you to do it.

-This is a great time to get your processes in place for the following year too.

-Outline books for the following year, even if you can’t find the time to write.

-Try and manage your stress levels, and being organized will help this. Remember your writing is important to you, as are your friends, family and the rest of your life!


-Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach your daily goals, just readjust, refocus.

-If you struggle to focus, find the pattern, triggers, that work for you. Things that get you motivated and into the zone.

-Look after yourself. Find time to stretch, exercise, or whatever makes you feel better. LOOK AFTER YOU!

-Get motivated by writing with a friend. Skype, café, or by tweet. It’s sometimes fun to have a companion.

-Write notes at the end of your writing session, for what you want to cover the following day, then when you get back to it, you’ll know what’s happening.

BE EXCITED BY YOUR WRITING!! Chances are if you’re bored, then someone else is going to be.

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