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Self Publishing Authors PodcastThis week it was just Shar, Cheryl and Trudi, and we talked about writing and publishing a book in an Amazon Kindle World. Cheryl has just published her second book in the Laguna Beach Kindle World and she gives us the inside story on how it works – plus the benefits and the issues around writing in a Kindle World.

It’s an intriguing discussion on how a Kindle World works, and why you might consider joining an author’s Kindle World, and how it might benefit your writing career.

This is just another way to get eyes on your work, and is an example of how we operate as authors, by trying things on – seeing what works and what doesn’t for you and your stories.

A kindle world is based on one author’s stories which are already an established series set in a particular world. This author can invite other authors to join their world, although some worlds can be applied to directly.  It takes a certain type of author who can make this successful by writing the original works well and then promoting the new authors in the world.

The theory behind a kindle world is that this is a form of Fan fiction. When readers love a particular setting, they will want to revisit that world over and over, and  these worlds will have writers with stories written in roughly the same vein as the lead author.

Cheryl has just published her second book in Kaira Rouda’s Laguna Beach Kindle World, which was brought about by a Reality TV series called Laguna Beach. Cheryl feels lucky to have had an amazing group of supportive authors in her group, including Zoe York who did all the covers for both releases.

The Spagirls also believe that you should treat a kindle world as a totally different venture, and explore it in depth before deciding this is for you.

How it works (from what Cheryl has witnessed)

Kaira took her characters and wrote several books. Amazon then asked her to create a kindle world, so she invited other authors to join her. (You may upload your own work, but it may not be accepted)

You can’t use the main characters the lead author’s books, but you can use secondary characters, have them live in and around Laguna Beach, and even take them elsewhere.

Different authors have different styles, but all these stories are romance with HEA.

They are usually shorter stories – novella length more often than not, although not always.

Every author is sent a confidential contract and an Amazon rep is assigned to the group.

There is usually a story bible and guidelines from Amazon


You already have a place and some ideas for characters.

Branding is often done for you re covers, and the font for the series title.

It can be used as a separate stream for readers to find you – a promotional vehicle to increase your visibility.

Big selling authors like Lindsay Buroker, Hugh Howey, Roxanne St Clair and Melissa Foster have kindleworlds, and aligning yourself to any of the bigger names will, by default, increase your following, provided you have a good product.

The ability to share fan bases. You have an opportunity to introduce other authors fan base to your own writing and therefore, your other works. Don’t underestimate the reach you wouldn’t have had.

A great way to build relationships with our fellow authors

A dedicated FB group, with potentially Blog tour joint promotional efforts., therefore cross-promotion for your books.

Lends itself to romance since our readers are so voracious and willing to try other authors.

A good way to learn the ropes as a new author.

Nice to work with others in a team environment


You will have to get another person to upload and pay them if you do not reside in USA

Market is USA only and therefore not global.

A certain amount of control is lost, which includes but not necessarily limited to, pricing.

Hints: Check out ones that are well written and well run.

Read the original series to get a feel for what attracts readers.

Find out what you need to write to appeal to that audience.

Make a connection with the lead author if you haven’t been invited.

Choose Savvy authors and be assured of a great way to learn another aspect of your craft.

As an author, sharing of information is key to being successful.

Links to Laguna Beach kindle world guidelines.

Note: All worlds will have varying guidelines.

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