SPA Girls Podcast – EP60 – Interview With An Editor

towelThis week we talk to Olivia Ventura from Hot Tree Edits about being a full time editor. She was a fantastic person to interview, and gave great advice on how to work with editors and how to find someone who will do the kind of edit you want for your book. She talks about the most common grammar mistakes that authors make, how to do edits on your own in preparation for sending your manuscript to an editor, and some best practice ideas for making sure your book is as tight as you can make it.

It’s a fascinating must-listen episode, that you’ll love!

Hot Tree Editing


Hot Tree Editing has over ten years’ experience of creative editing and proofing. Each and every project is precise and professional and is meticulously overseen from start to finish.

We are proud to be firmly established within the indie book community, and pride ourselves on our approachable, friendly and cost-effective editing service.

All of our editors have BA (hons) degrees in disciplines within business, humanities, psychology, and the arts: English literature, English language, and creative writing.


Top quality editing is essential for the successful completion and publication of your book. We offer a range of affordable editing solutions and pride ourselves on our precision, perfection and professionalism.

All content and copy and line edits come with a second review by one of our final-eyes’ readers (a trainee proofreader). We also work closely with a team of savvy beta readers at the final pre-publication stage. Our post-edit beta readers are available upon request only, and at no extra cost. Please be sure to allow extra time in your schedule for this service.

Our aim: perfection!


In book editing, our task is only complete when satisfaction is reached.We pride ourselves on our honesty and commitment to you, the author.

SPA Girls

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  1. An informative podcast.

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  2. Rather fun, especially since I’m currently reading “The Po78&nero#s21i;s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York” and just finished a section on cyanide and am in to the second section on arsenic

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