SPA Girls Podcast – EP64 – Goals for 2017

This week we get the show number wrong, yet again, and the sound quality is a little bit off, but we still manage to get out an episode talking about our goals for 2017 and how we’re going to achieve them.

It’s a fun, motivational episode that will get you started thinking about your self publishing goals, and how you’re going to make them happen in 2017!

Learning Goals

Wendy – To learn Dragon Dictation – Recently purchased to preserve her hands and shoulders as she writes very quickly and consistently. A different mindset is required to sit in front of your computer and perhaps you might need some notes to get you started each session. (Not Wendy!)

A New Zealand accent does make this harder, and potentially works better on windows than Mac.

Learning – there is a Facebook group for Dragon learners as well as a couple of people listed here who are training there dragons well.

Monica Lionel

Scott baker

Tip: Start with ten minutes and check how your Dragon is learning.

Cheryl – To learn Scrivener. Has had no time last year, but looking forward to getting into it in 2017. Had an earlier version of it on her PC but found it not so user friendly there and she lost interest. Now she has a Mac so hopes it will be as beneficial as other people have attested. Training has begun!

Shar – Using Headspace app every day to keep herself on track. Downloaded on to her phone. There is a free trial at the moment. Shar heard good things about it in the writing community. You can find all sorts that may be better for you than others, but she loves this.

Trudi – Active campaign. This is a new way of doing her newsletter and mailing list. This came about with her new website and the need to do this in another set-up. It looks different in that there is one list instead of multiple lists, using topics to keep people in the right area and only count them once. As it’s not cheap, she will need to make sure she uses it properly.

Main goal for 2017

Trudi wants to be narrowly focused on her newsletter and mailing list. She feels she needs better structure and auto-responders will help save time so that she can have more time to writing new books.

Wendy wants more consistency in her processes and income by advertising and marketing better. She feels that putting blinkers on and not taking note of what everyone else is doing, she might write less and more on the business side of things, although she loves the writing side of things and not so much the business side or at least the ones she enjoys least.

Words of wisdom – Create your job and do the things you like to do most and give the other things to someone else to do if possible. (not so easy for us control freaks!)

Cheryl – All about the business side of things. She is cutting down her part-time outside of the home to far less, and this will enable her to put more time into things. By having more time, learning scrivener, and becoming more savvy. A new routine to include updating books and better marketing plans.

Shar – Would like to publish four times this year. Has two in final edits so has her goal already on its way. By creating the habit of writing no matter what gets in her way every day, just as she does with journaling.

A theme of consistency seems to be apparent in all our goals and we will be working to achieve this.

What will yours be?







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