SPA Girls Podcast – EP71 – 10 Marketing Tips for Beginners

This week we talk through the basic marketing principles that you need to make sure you’ve got in place for promoting your books. Think of it as a 101 class in marketing, just for you. 🙂

We talk through tips like ensuring consistency of brand, having the right kind of bio and blurb, and being professional.



We talk about Author Central, which is your Author page on Amazon, in this podcast. But don’t worry, we will cover this more in the next episode!

Consistency of Brand

Keeping things the same across all the books. Making it as easy as possible for people to recognize you, and not confusing them.

-make sure you use the same name and font unless you are writing a different genre.

-make your book covers look similar. The fonts, and over all look.

-Use the same name on your author website, amazon author page, Facebook etc.

-keep it simple and consistent.

Try and become established in one genre first up. Get your brand consistent with this one before starting another.

 FYI, you did good, in finishing!!!

Know your genre, what brands suit it. Don’t just load a book and stand back and expect the money to roll in. Put some effort into researching what others in your genre are doing. NO YOUR BRAND! Are you going to use specific colors and fonts? Will these suit your genre?

In self-publishing you can fix mistakes! Don’t freak out, but take the first step.

Pricing- check out the consist pricing in your genre. If you go to high, chances are it may not sell, if the other 1,000 books are priced lower. Why would they pick your book?

Get the basic, FREE, things right first. There are plenty of things you can do and do well to start with if you do not have a lot of money to chuck at your book. Beware of throwing money at something that is not edited well, or covered correctly. GET THE BASICS RIGHT!

If you want to produce a book that sells, then be mindful of what readers expect.

Packaging your product properly – once your book is edited and looking its best, then stand back and realize that it is now a product, and placement is important. Your book is special to you but at this stage not anyone else. Now it’s about exposure, and ensuring your product can get that in the best way you can.

Don’t be precious! We understand this is your baby, but you have to let it go.

Where is the best fit for your book?

 Get the basics right from the beginning. Metadata – is information about something else. In your case, about your book and you. Most of the info is pretty standard. ISBN, Title, blurb etc. But make sure its right. Check out what other authors have in their books, and copy it!!

Author Bio’s are important! – Get it edited. Again read others to see what they are putting in there’s.

Get your blurb edited.

Author photo – make sure your author picture is of you not a stock image, unless you are writing a genre that suggests otherwise, i.e, erotica, then you could use a pair of legs or… Some people use a logo, but again, make sure its across the board and consistent.

Social media platforms – again you are looking for consistency, for example, (look, color, pictures).

Author central page – this is on Amazon and is a page with your details on. The SPA girls will talk about this next week.

 Social Media – Claim your name on FB or Twitter (handle) at the very least, so no one else can use it. This will again ensure consistency. If someone already has your name, add author to the front or back. Or add wendyvellabooks, wendyvellawrites etc.

Research where you readers are. For example, if you are writing YA, then of course have a FB page, but often those readers are not on that platform, but will likely be on Instagram.

If possible also claim your domain name for your website. For example,

Get the basics right!

 Don’t be overwhelmed. There is a lot of information out there, so take it on board, but use what is relevant to you. Remember we always talk about your tribe. These are the people who support you, and you respect and trust.

 Remember small steps. Learn one thing, then move on, don’t learn five at once!

 Enjoy this wonderful, crazy journey. It’s a blast, and worth every minute. 


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