SPA Girls Podcast – EP83 – Courses For Authors

This week we run through all the self publishing author courses that we’ve done between us over the last few years and talk about the ones that we liked and would recommend that you could try if you’re looking for a way to upskill your knowledge. As a group, some of the SPA Girls are more into courses than others, so whether you’re a super keen course person, or a more reluctant starter, this episode will give the information that you need to know whether the courses are for you. NOTE: we don’t get any money/affiliate income from any of these courses, so we’re just talking about our personal experience with no desire to sell you anything… 🙂

MOOC Massively open online courses.

In this age, we have so many courses available to us. So much knowledge is out there at your fingertips. The comfort of online courses allows you to take the course in your own home, in your pajamas should you wish it. Plus, there is the rewind option! This helps you learn at your own pace.

Firstly, no what you want out of a course, and secondly, no course is a magic wand, and be wary of someone telling you that their course is the only way to go! Often it’s not, and you’ll pay a lot of money to find that out!

Remember, self-publishing is an ever-changing landscape, and things will become outdated, so take courses with evergreen content, or know that what you learn may change over time.

Do your due diligence. Make a wish list, and don’t just dive in, but be certain sure the courses you take are exactly what you need and want.

Udemy is great for online learning. The SPA Girls have taken many:



How to stop stalling and write your book.

How make paperbacks with createspace

Helping writers to write and keep writing

Write a Novel Outline from scratch (novel writing success)

National writer’s organizations are a great place for courses.

Romance writers of America and Romance Writers of Australia also have some great craft and writers links.

These are three writers who we hugely respect who offer great advice and online learning. They also have great writing communities to be part of that are very supportive.

Marie Force

Joanna Penn

Mark Dawson

Be aware of scammers! If a course sounds too good to be true it often is!

Links  – Mark Dawson – Joanna Penn  – Marie Force  – Romance Writers of America – Romance Writers of Australia – J.A. Huss – Chris Fox – You Tube Chris Fox  – The Chris Fox  –  – Joseph Michael

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