SPA Girls Podcast – EP86 – Writing in Microsoft Word

This week we talk about the writing program no one is talking about – Microsoft Word. I’m not sure it’s actually a conspiracy (wink, wink) but we thought we’d break the silence and get the word out there. (In actual fact, we think it’s probably because Word is so ingrained into everything we do these days, that everyone assumes that there’s no point talking about it.) However, we’re pretty sure, like us, many of you are still using Word in some part of your writing process, so we decided to go through some of the tools and tips that we know about on Word, to help you upskill yourself in this wonderful, wacky Word program. From track changes to hidden characters, soft returns to right mouse clicks, we go over everything you might need! 🙂 – this is where you can buy your word products.

Microsoft Work shortcut keys for pc


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