SPA Girls Podcast – EP94 – Interview with Monica Leonelle

In this week’s interview Shar and Trudi have to soldier on in rainy old New Zealand while Wendy and Cher continue swanning about in Orlando. Happily we managed to score a fantastic interview with the lovely Monica Leonelle¬†who chatted to us about marketing for indie authors, and the lessons she’s learned since starting out.

Knowing what to write about in your newsletter or on Facebook, or even how to connect with your readers can be a big problem for writers. (I know I struggle with it!) Monica took us through some of the psychological triggers that she’s come across over her years as a marketer and copywriter, and explains how you can sprinkle them into your marketing content to make it more compelling and persuasive to the reader.

This interview is filled to the brim with fantastic tips on how to amp up your connection to your readers, find new super-fans, and generally improve your ability to promote your books. Yay!

Note: There is a small echo problem in the first five minutes of this recording – but don’t give up, it gets better. And you won’t want to miss this content!

Monica has an amazing website for writers at

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