SPA Girls Podcast – EP95 – Interview with Brian Meeks

A beginner’s guide to Amazon Ads! This week we have a fantastic interview with the delightful Brian Meeks, who talked to us about creating and making money on Amazon Ads. Brian recently published a book on how to master Amazon ads (Mastering Amazon Ads:An Author’s Guide), and runs a very successful Facebook group on the same topic. He was kind enough to break it all down to the simple version for us, and run through the basics of creating and running a successful Amazon ad.

If you’ve never been on the inside of an Amazon ad, this episode will give you enough information to get you clicking over to the Amazon Marketing Services website to get started. If you’re a bit more experienced, don’t worry, the insights on copywriting and the tips for creating successful ads will be enough to keep you listening.

We learned so much from talking to Brian, and we know you will too. 🙂


Check out Brian’s author website at:

Brian’s facebook group:  Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide – Beta Group

Facebook group 20Booksto50K

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