SPA Girls Podcast – EP99 – Interview with Arianna Golden

This week we have authorpreneur and automation expert Arianna Golden. She’s great at helping authors set up systems in their business, to amp up their productivity, and enhance their ability to write. She talked to us about some basic automations that are simple for authors to put in place, and gave us some fantastic tips on how to save time.

Automation doesn’t have to be a scary word. As Arianna says, think of it as a tool, like a cheese grater. Used correctly, a grater can get you yummy grated cheese to go on top of a baked potato. It’s only if you don’t use it correctly that you might get into trouble… (I’m scared of graters, but not of automation, so I’m not sure where that leaves me…) It’s another fascinating interview, and hopefully a good introduction to automation for people who don’t know much about automation. Enjoy!


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