SPA Girls Podcast – EP310 – The Power Of Clever Copywriting with Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a professional copywriter, content strategist & freelancing coach and he’s here to share how we can use the power of clever copywriting to connect with our readers and build sales. We often struggle with what to write in our newsletters and social media posts in a way that’s authentic and reaches the right readers. And then there’s the copywriting skill needed for our book blurbs and advertising. So we’re thrilled to have an expert in the SPA today!

This is a Copywriting Tip-packed episode that’ll empower you to up your copy skills tenfold!

Lots of great nuggets of wisdom, including:

The Two Fundamental Rules of Copywriting: Understand Your Audience and Be Clear

The Light Bulb moment for blurb writing we uncovered talking with Jacob (hint: what got you excited to write the story in the first place?)

Facebook ad text – why it’s different to book description and other copywriting

Why the goal of your blurb writing is to reduce uncertainty in readers

You can learn more about Jacob McMillen at:

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