SPA Girls Podcast – EP46 – Should I Write a Series?

Self Publishing Authors PodcastThis week I (Trudi Jaye) was away, so against my better judgement, I let the other three do the podcast without me. Surprisingly, against all expectations, they managed to do an episode that was moderately okay. 🙂 Don’t miss this episode as Wendy, Cher, and Shar talk about writing in series – why you would do it, what it involves, how to remember all the characters, and some hot tips on marketing your series.


SPA Girls

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  1. Great tip about not inluding the first chapter when promoting another book – because that’s exactly what I would have done, and your reasons for not doing this make a lot of sense.

    I’m keen to hear a podcast around Wattpad as it’s something I’ve been looking into. My question is: Is it likely for Wattpad readers, who are essentially beta readers (right?) and getting the story for free, to then follow you over when the book comes out and become paying fans?

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